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The approaching of theory and prac­tice leads to the most fruit­ful results. Prac­tice is not the only one to get profit from these rela­tions: recipro­cally scien­ces develop under the influence of practice. P. L. Tchebyshev

This project gathers all the mechanisms created by a great Russian mathematician Pafnuty Lvovich Tchebyshev (1821—1894).

Some of them have been stored in museums: twenty are in the Polytechnical museum (Moscow), five are in the Museum of the History of Saint Petersburg State University, some are in The Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris and in Science Museum (London). There are only photos or descriptions left for some of the mechanisms.

The aim of this project is to preserve this heritage by constructing high-quality computer models of the mechanisms that remain and reconstruct those that have disappeared according to archive documents. By agreement with Museums the models are based on accurate measurements of all the original parameters. Any mechanism should be provided with existing photos, computer models and a movie explaining how the mechanisms work and showing it in action.

The wonderful design and realization of the site has been developed by Roman Koksharov. Movies that animate the models have been created by Michail Kalinichenko with the participation of Alexandre Zhulin. Mathematical computations have been done by Nikita Panyunin. Fabrication of a “Plantigrade machine” model and general organization of the project: Nikita Shavelzon. Translation into English and French by Anton Fonarev and Nikita Panyunin. The original idea belongs to Nikolai Andreev and has been supported by Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS and the Dynasty Foundation founded by Dmitry Zimin. Our thanks to the staff of museums that preserve mechanisms and documentation and grant access to them.

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