Long-dwell mechanism

Muse­ums and archives

Mech­a­nism is stored in the Poly­tech­nic Museum (Moscow, Rus­sia); fund repos­i­tory, PM № 19469.

Mech­a­nism is stored in the Musée des arts et métiers du Con­ser­va­toire national des arts et métiers (Paris, France); CNAM № 11472-0005.


I. I. Arto­bolevsky, N. I. Lev­it­sky. Tcheby­shev's Mech­a­nisms / In: P. L. Tcheby­shev’s Sci­en­tific Her­itage. Iss. 2. The­ory of mech­a­nisms. — Moscow-Leningrad: AS USSR. 1945. P. 37–39. (Russ­ian)

I. I. Arto­bolevsky, N. I. Lev­it­sky. Mod­els of mech­a­nisms of P. L. Tcheby­shev / In: The com­plete works of P. L. Tcheby­shev. Vol. IV. The­ory of mech­a­nisms. — Moscow-Leningrad: AS USSR. 1948. P. 222–223. (Russ­ian)

Other sources

Sort­ing mech­a­nism.

Engines invented by aca­d­e­mi­cian Tcheby­shev // Vsemir­naya Illus­trat­sia (World Illus­tra­tion). 1893. № 1275. P. 17. (Russ­ian)


Geo­met­ric 3D model by Math­e­mat­i­cal Etudes.

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Kinematic scheme
Kinematic scheme
Model by Tchebyshev (Polytechnical museum)
Model by Tchebyshev (CNAM)
Model by Tchebyshev (CNAM)